How do I register?

Go to the Registration page, fill in your data or use the registration method by adding your data from your Google account.

  How do I add my property?

After entering your account, access the seller's control panel where you can add the desired services and accommodation units according to the chosen plan.

  Which plan should I choose?

Depending on your needs, you can choose a monthly plan, with monthly payment or annual payment. The services you offer are displayed for the entire duration of the active subscription with all the benefits included.

  What happens if I don't choose a plan?

If you do not choose a plan, all reservations of your services will be subject to a standard commission of 5%, payable as soon as the client has checked into the unit.

  What is the difference between the plans?

Our plans are designed in such a way that the beneficiary does not have to worry about commissions every day. Choosing a plan makes the work of the service owner easier.


The standard packages are based on subscription and the free ones are based on commission per booking.


There is no booking fee for the monthly or annual plans. You can benefit from an unlimited number of reservations.

  The unit's promotion plan

If you have a Start plan, you have not included any promoted service. If you want to promote a service, you can choose the monthly promotion package.


If you have one of the other packages and want to promote a service that is not already promoted through the package option, you can choose the promotion package to do so.

  Promotion option from unit registration

The promotion box is available to every owner of accommodation units, but the display in the category of promoted units is done only on the basis of an active premium plan. In the absence of an active plan, the unit remains listed as standard on our platform.

  How do I report a bad customer?

If you want to complain to a customer based on real reasons, depending on your active plan you have access to support through support tickets or support from the administrators of the Euro Travel Star platform.

  False Claims

If an accommodation unit owner makes a false (proven) complaint to a customer, the accommodation unit receives a penalty from the platform in the amount of 2 days.


This penalty is deducted from the time of displaying/promoting the property/services offered by 2 days.


If the owner does not have an active plan, the reservation commission will rise to 10% instead of 5%, and the property is penalized by 5 days.


For cases where the owner has no active plan, but has a service promoted through a promotion plan, the promotion plan is automatically closed, the services remaining without promotion.


With 3 proven false complaints, the accommodation unit receives a 30-day suspension from being displayed on the platform.

  Who and how writes reviews of my property?

Reviews can only be left by customers of your services who have completed the reservation.


You must enter your control panel to change the reservation status.


When the client stayed with you and paid the price of the services at the reception, you or the employees at the reception must enter the account and change the status of the reservation as Completed. Only then can your customers write reviews.

  I received a bad review, what do I do?

Normally you don't have to do anything. Reviews show the quality of services provided by your property.


In the case of ill-intentioned reviews, you can request the hiding/deletion of that review, based on the motivation/proof of the customer's bad intention.


Very important:


Summing up 100 bad reviews leads to the suspension of the accommodation unit.

  Reporting a customer

Our platform does not have physical means against bad faith people who presented themselves as customers to you.


Please follow all legal means in this regard.


What we can do is to block the respective user from using our platform.


No one needs ill-intentioned clients at the unit and we do not want to promote such a thing either, so we will block any kind of activity, phone number, account of the client as well as his IP from accessing the platform.

  How is Euro Travel Star different from other platforms?

Euro Travel Star does not only work on a commission basis, but also on a subscription basis, and in exceptional cases it does not charge any kind of fee for the services provided.


Our platform offers the possibility to owners of accommodation units, as well as other types of related services, to list the unit and/or services on the platform, promoting them throughout Europe. That's why we ask you to also use the foreign language pages when you register the unit. In this sense, you can help yourself with google translate.

  What should I write in the description of the unit or the service offered?

In the description of the unit or the services offered by you, you can describe the unit, the services offered, as well as the surroundings and in general just about anything that will help you promote that service or accommodation unit.


You can change the description according to your needs whenever you need.


However, we ask you not to modify more often than 3 times a year, to make the promotion of our service smoother in search engines.

  What am I not allowed to write in the description?

Please do not post links to the web page of the accommodation unit or the services offered in the description of your room services.


Do not post social links.


Do not post links to other services offered by your acquaintances.


Don't post anything that doesn't describe the services you offer.


The administrators of the platform check any information placed in the description, and depending on the result, that unit or service will be approved or not.


Posting links is considered spam and the listing will not be approved.


Violation of the terms and conditions leads to the permanent suspension of your account.

  How does your platform check the services/accommodation unit?

The verification of the units and services offered by you is done manually or automatically through online and offline tools, such as google maps, google earth, google live street, directly at the location, or through the beneficiaries of the services offered by you.

  What happens if a fraud is discovered?

We are strictly referring to fraud in connection with the accommodation unit.


In the case of a listing/promotion of an accommodation unit that does not physically exist, this unit is instantly withdrawn from our platform and the user/owner of that unit is automatically blocked.


Your customers can complain about the lack of the unit at the location as well.

  When do customers pay?

We recommend that you collect the value of the services offered, at the time of check-in and not later.


Unfortunately, there are clients who live with the impression that the services offered are won in the lottery.

  Do you request documents?

The documents requested by our platform are only the official ones from the registration of the SRL, and we do not request any documents from the clients, so that we do not keep any kind of data from the clients, apart from those that are necessary for the provision of your services to customers.


We try as much as possible to store as little data as possible in our system.


We also recommend that you request official personal documents at check-in, and check the correctness of the data in the identity documents at the reception.




Austrian citizens must have identity documents issued by the Austrian authorities, where the main adress in Austria is given.


If your client presents documents from another country, these documents must have the main adress data from the respective country.


The Austrian state will never pass on the identity documents, the main adress in another country, and neither will the foreign authorities pass the main adress in Austria.

  What guarantee do the owners have that the customers show up at the unit?


We cannot guarantee the correctness of users registered on our platform, as other platforms cannot guarantee.

However, we can guarantee all our involvement in solving problems and situations.

  How do I know that a client is not serious?

In some countries, unfortunately, customers with reservations do not announce their arrival time, or do not respect it even if they have offered the respective time.


Customers who do not answer the phone after the time specified by them, for reasons known only to them, it is clear to everyone that they will no longer arrive at the unit. That is why we advise you to ask your client to present himself as early as possible, so that you can rent the room in case the client does not arrive at the unit.


We also recommend that you respect the check-in hours.


If the client requests check-in after the official check-in time, you can charge this spontaneous late check-in service if the facilities of your accommodation unit do not specify that you offer free Late Check In.


If the client does not arrive at the unit, please mention us in the reservations page.