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Treten Sie unserer Community von Immobilienverwaltern bei. Schließen Sie sich anderen Immobilienverwaltern an, um die Leistungsfähigkeit der Buchungstools zu nutzen und mehr Gäste in Ihre Unterkunft zu locken.

How does it work ?

Frequent questions

  How do I receive my money from clients?

The customer pays directly at the reception of the accommodation unit in cash, with the bank card, with the holiday card, or with other methods accepted by you.

  How do I add more accommodation units?

To add the second or fifth accommodation unit, a prior verification is required, and the first initially added accommodation unit must have a rejection rate of less than 20%

  How do I update or extend availability?

In the owner's control panel, access the page with the accommodation unit listed and then the rooms you want to update or expand availability. From there you can disable cameras if necessary.

  What happens to reported customers?

If unfortunately you have customers who destroy or steal from the room, you can report them directly on our platform.

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